Tax Actions

TaxActions is an online Tax software that enables expats to answer a set of questions to prepare & file their tax income return




Design and Development

The problem

American expats should file their taxes on an annual basis. There is a miscommunication between the customer and IRS with peace of mind.

UX Study

KYC: Usually the KYC (Know your client) Forms are too long and make customers bored. We broke it down into very handy steps, in addition, to saving and continuing later which saves the progress of the customer’s steps to let him continue later.

Data Entering: Data entering job is painful, especially in long forms. We enhanced this by trying to decrease the questions we ask and copy some data from previous years ex: We don’t ask users if they have children or if they added them in the previous year, Our software is copying their information and inserting it into IRS form automatically after user’s confirmation.

User’s Journey

User’s filing

User’s filing steps are categorized to let the users know what should be the next steps or prepare the required documents from their end to start entering the data into the software.


Continue filing

users automatically are redirected to the steps where they left off even if they left the form without saving. We always seeking to get rid of the complexity of filing the form and making it easier