valU is the leading BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) in Egypt with over 2 million users and 10,000+ physical shops, in addition, to fast growing online stores like Amazon, Jumia, Noon …etc

UX Enhancements (Mobile App)

KYC: Know Your Client Forms are always painful, especially in the Banking sector. Our UX researchers decreased the client’s onboarding time from 45 minutes to 21 minutes.

Buying process: users always faced problems searching for vendors. By adding an advanced search we enabled the users not only to search by store name, but users can also search with product name or category as well which increased user purchases.

Customized notification module: Reaching the right customer was never easy, We built a notification system that notifies the users of the latest offers near them with the same interest as per his/her previous purchases. To get rid of the annoying notification decreased the amount of notification subscriptions on the application.

Core Payments:

We were sure that the core payment process is one of the user’s concerns, So we made it easy for the user to have an overview of his payments process such as:

  • Available credit: it’s highlighted on the home screen.
  • Payment history: to let the user track their expenses and payment history.
  • Payment dues: Users will always have access to their payment dues to schedule their payments and this screen has info on when is the latest installment on their account.
  • Early Settlement: Users can settle their credit at any time with one click.
  • Cashback & Loyalty: The application has the feature of cashback collection in addition to referral credits to increase the network.

Websites are the gates to the business: 89.7% of the users check the websites before installing any application, That’s why we created a website that builds trust and reflects the business case.

The website is connected to the database of the merchants (Online & Physical shops). This lets the users explore all valU partners and let them explore most of the options that the app provides before installation of the App.

Offers are always the attraction of the users. We enabled all the user’s access to any offers and get all information needed on the offer on the website. Which let the social media managers post the content of the offers through the website and get organic reach.